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About Guido Beekmann

Guido Beekmann has 30 years experience as a ship engineer, captain, professional ocean sailor, ship expert, valuer, and advisor for new builds and refits. He is familiar with all types of vessels, from classic wooden-hulled yachts to modern motor cruisers.

After training at a school dedicated to shipping, Guido worked as a ship engineer with Smit International. Between 1987 and 2001 Guido worked as a ship expert at an expertise bureau. In 2001 he started his own independent expertise bureau.

The knowledge he has acquired during this extensive career is your guarantee for professional service and advice.

Guido Beekmann is one of the 15 HISWA (Dutch shipbuilding and watersport trade fedration) registered yacht surveyors and is certified by the NVEP (Dutch society of pleasure boat experts). Beekmann Expertise is also registered with the VRT (Dutch valuers registry) and the EMCI (European Maritime Certification Institute).